Towers of Midnight: Chapter 45

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Lion Chapter Icon.png

A Reunion

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Elayne, Aviendha


Morgase returns to Caemlyn and meets up with Elayne. Aviendha considers the Aiel's future.


Elayne's Point of View:

Location: Royal Palace

Characters: Elayne, Melfane Dawlish, Dyelin, Norry, Galad, Morgase

Elayne wakes up thinking on the message she recieved from Egwene that Mesaana has been defeated. She thinks about her bond with Rand which has a powerful warmth to it now and that since that warmth had come, the ever-present cloud cover had left the skies over Andor. Melfane walks in and gives Elayne a lecture on taking things easy for the babies sake. She meets with Norry and Dyelin and they discuss the situation of Cairhien. The Band of the Red Hand has agreed to let them use a couple of bands of soldiers but Dyelin thinks it's a bad idea as they might be seen as invading. Norry tells them that his spies have been telling him that ever since Rand said he would give the throne to Elayne that people have been trying to find a way to stop it. The people are afraid she will make Andorans noblemen and take away the nobility from the Cairheins. Elayne asks for the names of anyone who has recently risen in influence. Then Birgitte walks in with Galad and Morgase. Elayne asks Morgase if she renounced the throne and she replies yes. Galad tells Elayne he brought the Children of the Light with him and that he is now the Lord Captain Commander. He tells her the story of how he got there. Elayne orders Norry to make the documents of Morgase's abdication and tells Dyelin to inform her closest allies. After they leave Morgase and Elayne have a little chat and catch up. They talk about Perrin, Rand, and Morgase's journey.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Rhuidean

Characters: Aviendha

As Aviendha sits outside of Rhuidean, she thinks of all the changes Rand has made to the city. She thinks about how Rand has changed the Aiel, how Nakomi was right, and the Aiel will realize they are finally meeting their toh, and what will they do. She thinks about how she will try her hardest to make sure that Rand makes it through the Last Battle and she will want to be with him after that. She thinks about Elayne and what Elayne will want with Rand afterwards and how that will work out. She ponders the journey she will take the next day into Rhuidean to see what she must, and if it will be significant.


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Character Development

  • Aviendha concludes that Nakomi was right about the Aiel and they do not need to return to the Waste.

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