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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.


Since TarValon.Net was formed in 2001, this site has gone through many changes. Administration is constantly looking to the future and finding ways to continue to expand and grow. Our rich organizational structure is a result of years of policy change and self-evaluation. The most drastic of these changes are decided at the quarterly executive meetings.

Membership is always growing as new people join TarValon.Net every day. These members move on to become future staff or administrators, serve a term in the Hall of Sitters, Bond a partner in the fight against the Shadow, and even find life-long love, get married, and start families. Numerous official real-life events around the globe every year help to solidify the relationships members have formed online.

The face of the Tower today is much different than it was in 2001. But the Tower remains unbroken.

Formation of the Tower

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The Tower began in 2001, when two friends, Eleyan and Gwendolyne decided it would be great to be a real Aes Sedai and so raised each other. Shortly after, web pages for the Blue Ajah and Green Ajah were created, and following that, for each of the other Ajahs, with Eleyan taking on the role of the head of each of those, with the exception of the Yellow Ajah which was created by Jayne Thasthon. Not long after, the pages were unified under the banner of the White Tower and the first forums created, with new members welcomed.

Tower Timeline

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A timeline of the Tower, changes and events from its founding in 2001 to the current day.

Tower Organisation

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Originally, Tower organisation was fairly loose. Primary administration consisted of Membership Administrators who dealt with membership issues and raisings. A few other positions were added over the years as more specialized positions became necessary, such as Mistress of Revels to organize real life events and Mistress of the Watch to maintain the message boards. The Amyrlin Seat would also use this group as well as the Hall of Sitters and Warder Council for general advising. This group was collectively referred to as "administration" and reported directly to the Amyrlin Seat with help from the Keeper of Chronicles and Master at Arms.

In 2004 at the annual Administrative meeting, the Tower implemented a Department structure to manage the growing number of positions required to offer the various services desired by administration. It began with five established departments and has grown and changed and adjusted to the current six departments.


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Throughout the history of TarValon.Net, many members have contributed by holding positions as Departmental Directors, or the equivalents before the departmental structure was set up. Approximately 45 people have served in such a role.