The Shadow Rising: Chapter 18

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

Trefoil Leaf Chapter Icon.png

Into the Ways

Chapter Icon: A large leaf with two smaller leaves next to it

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The city of Tear and surrounding countryside

Characters: Perrin, Gaul, Loial, Faile, Bain, and Chiad


Perrin prepares to leave the Stone, thinking sadly that he hasn't stayed anywhere "long enough to put down roots" except the Two Rivers, which is now in danger. Gaul accompanies him down to the stables and tells him that he will be the only Aiel to accompany Perrin, "they have seen more than they want of strange places". He also tells Perrin that while they have made their leaving a secret, Faile has talked openly of travelling the Ways. Perrin is angry that she might have let Moiraine know what he is planning. Perrin asks Gaul to promise that "if anything happens to me"; Gaul will make sure that Faile is safe.

When they reach the stables, Perrin learns that two Maidens of the Spear will be accompanying Faile, Chiad and Bain. Chiad is of the Clan Goshien and so there may be trouble between her and Gaul, "Her clan and mine have blood feud". The two Aiel are travelling with Faile because it is "this argument between you and Faile which interests them". Loial is in the stable too and is agitated because Faile insists on leaving very soon and he is worried that Perrin will be left behind. The group saddle up the horses and as they prepare to leave, "the Stone rang like a monstrous bell, the stable floor leaping". Perrin feels the "pull of ta'veren to ta'veren" but refuses to change his plans and rides out of the stable with Loial and Faile.

They ride out of the city, only slowing down to rest their horses and to wait for Gaul, Bain and Chiad to catch up. None of the Aiel would ride a horse, "I offered to buy them horses, and they looked offended", and so they had to run to catch up the group. While they wait, Faile wastes no time in trying to unsettle Perrin, "He is very boastful about his eyesight... but his memory is not very good". The Aiel join them very quickly, much to Faile's surprise. We learn from Bain and Chiad's taunting that Stone Dogs "take their vows not to retreat" and from Gaul that Maidens are commonly used as scouts.

Faile insists that they set off to find the Waygate quickly and so they split into two groups, Perrin's and Faile's. While Perrin enjoys watching the herds of horses they pass as they​ ride, Loial is aghast that what was once an Ogier grove has been destroyed and what's left is only grass. He is especially upset that the Great Trees have gone, "It is the trees we love". Loial is extremely angry and Perrin understands why Ogier have been called "implacable enemies". Though Ogier are slow to anger, they are deadly when they are.

When they reach the Waygate, Loial moves the Avendesora leaf and opens it. As it opens, the leaves "took a tinge of green, of life" and in the Waygate they can see their own reflections, dull and murky. Loial tells them that "Once... the Waygates shone like mirrors, and those who walked through the Ways walked through the sun and the sky". Perrin is the first to go in, determined to get there before Faile. Gaul follows him and together they follow the white line to the guidepost. There they are out of view and Perrin wants Faile to be anxious that he is lost, if only for a minute or two.

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