The Gathering Storm: Chapter 18

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A Message in Haste

Chapter Icon: A Fish

Point of View: Siuan

Setting: The Rebel Camp

Characters: Siuan, Sheriam, Ashmanaille, Moria, Romanda, Sharina


In the Rebels Aes Sedai camp the fight for power in Egwene's absence continues.


Siuan heads to a meeting of the Hall and sees Sheriam outside, who seems to have regained some of the composure she lost in the previous weeks. Sheriam reveals that Ashmanaille has discovered that Elaida has Traveling and that she is telling the Hall in front of a session open to everyone. Ashmanaille tells of how she had gone to Kandor to collect a tribute, but the clerk responsible had already paid it to Nesita. Moria and Romanda are unsure, but Ashamanaile tells them that the clerk described both Nesita and a gateway. Siuan realises that Beonin must have given Elaida the weave and sends a courier to warn Bryne that they have lost one of their advantages. She thinks that the divisions between the Ajahs under Elaida didn't appear out of nowhere and had their roots in her reign. Sharina approaches her and says it is curious that the revelation caused such a commotion, even more of one than that caused by Jahar and Merise a few months earlier. Sharina tells Siuan that she heard it was Lelaine that let the news slip and defied several attempts for the meeting to be sealed to the flame. They realise that it is part of Lelaine's plan to seize control. Sharina tells Siuan that she can see she is doing all she can to keep Egwene's enemies occupied and that although Lelaine is more supportive of the older novices than she had been, she doesn't believe her true feelings have changed. She wants to be Aes Sedai and is loyal to Egwene.

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