The Eye of the World: Chapter 13

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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Point of View: Rand

Setting: Wilderness, Baerlon

Characters: Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Thom, Avin, Master Fitch


The group enter Baerlon.


Moiraine uses the Power to refresh everyone, Egwene the only one eager for the experience. They take a short rest and continue on their journey. Rand, Mat and Perrin all thinking they'll only be gone from the Two Rivers a short time.

Lan scouts ahead and behind the party, searching for ambush or pursuit. Lan also spends time teaching Rand, Mat and Perrin how to use their weapons. Each of the boys do quite well with a bow, and then Lan teaches Rand how to use his sword and Perrin his axe.

Rand watches Egwene unbraid her hair one morning and asks her why she did that. Egwene tells him that she'll be Aes Sedai and that they don't braid their hair unless they want to. Rand and Egwene argue for a bit until Lan speaks up reminding them they need to be quiet.

Mat begins thinking that they've lost the Trollocs for good and wants to explore the world. Moiraine and Egwene return from one of their talks just then and Moiraine asks if they've already forgotten Winternight. She tells them again that the Dark One is after one or all of them and that she will destroy them herself before she allows the Dark One to have them.

Rand is bothered by Moiraine and Egwene going off to speak alone each night, so after everyone else settles down one night, he sneaks off to find out what they're doing. They speak a bit of the Five Powers. Egwene wants to be reassured that female Aes Sedai are not evil, that it was the men who broke the world. Moiraine tells her that the men who broke the world were not evil, they were insane. Moiraine also tells her that Aes Sedai are still human, that in Tar Valon, she'll meet both kind and cruel Aes Sedai, brave and cowardly, strong and weak. Egwene asks why the Trollocs came to Emond's Field and Moiraine swings her head to the tree Rand is hiding behind. Rand backs away into the shadows and scurries away as quietly as he can.

They travel on and atop a low hill spot Baerlon. Moiraine tells them they must be careful what they say and they must attract as little attention as possible. She also says that her and Lan go by different names here. She is known as Alys and Lan is known as Andra.

Lan leads them down the hill and through some woods to heavy wooden gates. The gatekeeper nearly tells them to try another gate until he sees Moiraine. The gatekeeper, Avin, says he didn't know it was them and opens the gate.

Moiraine and Lan speak with Avin, he tells them that Whitecloaks are in the city and though they haven't caused much trouble, nobody wants them there. He also mentions a man in Ghealdan claiming to be The Dragon with an army moving towards Tear and that Aes Sedai were sent to Ghealdan, though some or all are said to be dead.

Moiraine leads them off and Rand asks Thom about the rumors Avin spoke of. Thom tells Rand a bit of the Karaethon Cycle. Of the Stone of Tear, and if it falls it'll be one of the major proofs that the Dragon is reborn. The prophecies don't make much sense to Rand and Thom tells him that they wouldn't be much for prophecies if they were easy to fulfill.

They arrive at the Stag and Lion through a back gate into the stables. The innkeeper, Master Fitch welcomes them and leads everyone inside telling them of the best hot meals and warm beds in Baerlon and the hottest, best baths too.


Common Themes

Men and Women

"Men, you get the adventure you're always prating about and already you're talking about home" Rand and Egwene bicker and shout about becoming an Aes Sedai and giving up Two Rivers ways. She blames him for the fight


  • Who was the other woman Moiraine met that could channel
  • Why has Logain called his followers the "People of the Dragon"?
  • How can the Stone fall if this cannot happen until the Dragon has the sword and the Dragon can't have the sword till the Stone falls

Character Development

All are astonished at the size of Baerlon. Perrin can't believe how so many people can live together

  • Removes her braid
  • Criticises the boys for talking about home when they are having the adventure they always wanted, but there is a tremor to her voice
  • Does not like the idea that Egwene wants to be an Aes Sedai
  • Still thinks that Aes Sedai are generally Darkfriends


  • Rand shocks Lan with his knowledge of the flame and the Void
  • Mat manages to juggle four balls before Rand
  • Moiraine tells them she will destroy them herself before letting the Dark One have them - how does she intend to do this within the oaths?


First Mention

Avin, Mutch, Master Fitch, Governor Adan



Fir, spicewood, Laurel, Elder, Thistle


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • Who was the other woman Moiraine met that could channel

This was of course Nynaeve. There are probably enough hints at this time for the reader to know this.

  • Why has Logain called his followers the "People of the Dragon"?

This is from the prophecies.

  • How can the Stone fall if this cannot happen until the Dragon has the sword and the Dragon can't have the sword till the Stone falls

As we see in the Dragon Reborn, both occur simultaneously


  • Egwene asks if it was the male Aes Sedai who caused the Breaking by trying to free the Dark One and the Forsaken. Moiraine doesn't correct her

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