The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 48

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Following the Craft

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Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Tear.

Characters: Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Canin, Ailhuin Guenna.


The girls arrive in Tear and stay with Mother Guenna, a local herbalist.


The Darter arrives in Tear. Not a moment too soon for Egwene who is seasick. At least she has it somewhat under control. Nynaeve is throwing up every ten minutes. Egwene looks at the city dominated by the ancient fort called the Stone. She thinks about her recent expedition into the World of Dreams but nothing she saw makes much sense. The same goes for her regular dreams. Why is Master Luhhan being used as bait by the Whitecloaks? Why does Perrin have to choose between a hammer and an axe? And why does he have a falcon perched on his shoulder? Why does Mat keep yelling "I am coming"? Why is Rand being stalked by six men and five women?

Captain Canin tells her they have arrived and that he will have the horses put on the dock as soon as possible. He is happy to be rid of his sick passengers. Elayne and Nynaeve appear on deck and hurry to get their things. They'll be just as glad to be off the boat as Egwene is. The tension between Egwene and Nynaeve has not eased on the trip to Tear. Both are still irritable. Once they are on the docks the question is what to do next?

Obviously they need to find the inn the Black sisters are staying in. Elayne suggests hiring a thief-taker. That seems like a good idea to the three of them. Egwene suggests finding an inn but Nynaeve objects that the inns are probably watched. They need to find another place to stay. They debate other options for a bit. Nynaeve has an idea and without telling them what she intends she walks to one of the stores where herbs are sold.

A stout woman with gray hair opens the door. She is very careful at first. Everything connected with the One Power is suspicious in Tear. It wouldn't be the first time Wise Women became the victim of that mistrust. Nynaeve tells her she needs something to settle her stomach and Mother Guenna invites them in. While the Wise Woman makes a tea for Nynaeve's stomach the two exchange knowledge on medicinal herbs. Egwene is getting annoyed with Nynaeve. It's not like they will need that in the Tower. Elayne, who has had enough of the arguing now asks if Mother Guenna has a cure for people who can't stop arguing. It turns out she does but neither Egwene nor Nynaeve wants to try that.

Nynaeve wants to know if Mother Guenna has a spare room they can rent. The Wise Woman says she may but she does want to know what brought them to Tear in the first place. Nynaeve tells her they are chasing Darkfriends who have taken some old, not particularly valuable things from them. Mother Guenna wants to know why they didn't bring any men. This kind of thing is one of the few things they are good for according to her. Nynaeve tells her there was no one but them to go. Mother Guenna draws her own conclusions and Nynaeve doesn't correct her. She agrees to let them stay and goes out to get a man who can help them.

When she is gone Egwene remarks Nynaeve is manipulating people as well as Moiraine is. Nynaeve turns white at the comparison between Moiraine, a woman she intensely hates, and herself. Elayne gets up and slaps Egwene in the face. This time she has gone too far. If they are to achieve anything they'll have to stop arguing and do what they must. Egwene knows Elayne is right but she still doesn't like it.



Mother Guenna claims there aren't many places where people have blonde hair like Elayne's, she deduces Elayne is from Andor based on that information.


First Mention

Atuan, Leuese Mulan, Juilin Sandar

First Appearance

Ailhuin Guenna


First View

Tear, Stone of Tear

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Visions and Prophecies

Egwene's Dreams

This is a fairly consistent pattern for her

  • Why should Perrin have a falcon on his shoulder, and what was important about him choosing between that axe he wore now and a blacksmith's hammer?
  • What did it mean that Mat was dicing with the Dark One, and why did he keep shouting, "I am coming!" and why did she think in the dream that he was shouting at her?
  • Rand. He had been sneaking through utter darkness toward Callandor, while all around him six men and five women walked, some hunting him and some ignoring him, some trying to guide him toward the shining crystal sword and some trying to stop him from reaching it, appearing not to know where he was, or only to see him in flashes. One of the men had eyes of flame, and he wanted Rand dead with a desperation she could nearly taste. She thought she knew him. Ba'alzamon. But who were the others?
  • Rand in that dry dusty chamber again, with those small creatures settling into his skin.
  • Rand confronting a horde of Seanchan.
  • Rand confronting her, and the women with her, and one of them was a Seanchan. It was all too confusing."

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