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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Muradin was an Aiel warrior of the Shaido clan (TSR, Ch. 23).

He was Couladin's first-brother, most likely blood kin (TSR, Ch. 23).

He believed he had captured Sevanna's heart and if he had become clan chief she would have taken him as husband (ACoS, Prologue).


  • The visions make him go mad, and when Rand steps out of the glass columns again, Muradin is gone (TSR, Ch. 26). Later, Couladin assumes he was murdered by Rand and Mat (TSR, Ch. 34).


"Muradin had managed to veil himself; bloody sockets stared blindly above the black veil. The Aiel was chewing, and bloody froth dripped onto his chest." (Rand; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 26)