Milla al'Azar

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Milla al'Azar is the Wisdom of Taren Ferry. She is new at the job, as the village lost its whole population when the Trollocs came. She is the youngest of the four Two Rivers Wisdoms, almost young enough to be Edelle Gaelin's daughter. She always appears uncertain around the others, and usually walks behind the other Wisdoms, like a child tagging after older sisters. She cannot listen to the wind.

Faile thinks to herself that the one advantage she has over the Wisdoms is that they know the effect that Perrin has on them; they are always self conscious around him and try to make themselves firm, but their resolutions always fly out the window at the sight of him. The Wisdoms don't seem to be sure whether to prefer to deal with Perrin or Faile.

Milla is very worried about the unnatural weather. She lies awake most nights, unable to sleep, and hasn't slept properly in a month.

Daise, Edelle, Elwinn and Milla pay a visit to Faile to speak of a couple of things. The first thing they tell Faile is that three boys have run off to see the world. Faile offers to ask Perrin to speak to them about it, and at the mention of Perrin's name, all four Wisdoms become self-conscious; Milla automatically smoothes her skirts. When they realize how they are reacting, they freeze and do not look at each other or at Faile, but Edelle replies for all of them that it won't be necessary. Milla tells Faile that they are also frightened by the weather, because it isn't natural. Faile tries to be optimistic to them, and Milla thanks her.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Prologue)


"It isn't the rain," Milla muttered. "Not exactly, anyway. It isn't natural. You see, none of us can Listen to the Wind." She hunched her shoulders under the others' sudden frowns. Plainly she was saying too much, and giving away secrets besides. Supposedly all the Wisdoms could predict the weather by Listening to the Wind; at least, they said that they all could. But even so Milla plowed on doggedly. "Well, we can't! We look at clouds instead, and how the birds behave, and the ants and caterpillars and... " Drawing a deep breath, she straightened, but still avoided the other Wisdoms' eyes. Faile wondered how she managed to deal with the Women's Circle in Taren Ferry, much less the Village Council. Of course, they were as new at it as Milla; that village had lost its whole population when the Trollocs came, and everyone there now was new. "It isn't natural, my Lady. The first snows should have been here weeks ago, but it might as well be the middle of summer. We're not worried, my Lady, we're frightened! If nobody else will admit it, I will. I lie awake most nights. I haven't slept properly in a month, and... " She trailed off, color blooming in her face as she realized she might have gone too far. A Wisdom was supposed to be in control in all times; she did not run around saying she was frightened. (Milla to Faile; Lord of Chaos, Prologue)