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Junior Members are those who have been accepted by the Hall for entrance into the Tower. People should be familiar with the information in this section before joining the Tower as a Novice or Recruit

Novices and Recruits

You are now either a Novice or Recruit, depending on which title you wish to use. You may switch titles if you wish, and many people do if they enter the tower as a Novice but aspire to a Company, or enter as a Recruit but aspire to an Ajah, but it is only at Senior Member level where you do not have the choice of title. As a novice or recruit, you will be assigned a Mentor.

At this level, you will receive a page in the Library and a place in the Who's Who and be assigned a Mentor. You will also lose access to the City of Tar Valon. Novices and Recruits are just learning and need to focus on their studies. You should go to the Office of the Mistress/Master of Novices and Recruits where you will be provided with much of the information needed to begin your journey. You should also visit the Dormitory to get your room assignment. You are required to remain at this level for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks, so you should take this time to get to know people in the Gardens, take some classes in the Classroom, and make sure you have finished all fourteen (14) of the main books in the Wheel of Time series. Once you have spent enough time at this level, and are at least 18 years of age, you may apply to be an Accepted or Soldier.


Required Information

Additional Information

  • The Hall - the Hall is responsible for deciding if someone should be raised to the next level

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