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As a Visitor, you should have access to the following forums:

  • Site Announcements – This is where important announcements can be found.
  • Introductions – If you haven’t already, come introduce yourself!
  • General (including Frivolous Fun and Mafia) – This is for general discussion topics and games.
  • Discussion Halls – Basic access includes Education & Employment, Entertainment, Gaming, Tech Talk, Home and Garden, Health and Fitness, Sports Fanatics, Hand Crafts, and Fine *Arts & Literary Pursuits.
  • Servant of All – The latest information on our philanthropic endeavors.
  • Graphic Projects and Requests – If you would like to request art from members of the community, like a new signature, this is the place to go.
  • Events – This forum and the subforums that go with it are for discussing all of the different types of events hosted by our community and its members.
  • The Classroom – A place to learn and teach new things.
  • The Head Librarian’s Desk – Information on what is going on in the Library.
  • Book Discussion – Including Wheel of Time, the works of Brandon Sanderson, and any other books you’d like to talk about.
    • Wheel of Time TV Show – All show-related news is shared here, and this is the place to discuss and theorize about the upcoming show.
    • Costume/Cosplay – Discuss Wheel of Time costuming here.

If you decide to become a Citizen of Tar Valon, you will gain the following forums:

  • The Blue Cat Inn - a forum just for citizens and our executive team
  • City Hall – The Office of the Mayor
  • The Olde Warder and Hen – A social forum for members of all ranks except Novices and Recruits.

For further details, see our Posting Guidelines

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