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Senior Members are eligible to bond an Aes Sedai or Gaidin. Every Aes Sedai has one bond with two exceptions. Red Aes Sedai have no bonds and Green Aes Sedai have two. All Gaidin have two available bonds. You have been eligible to earn merits since you joined the Tower, and you can earn another bond through the merit system. You must have a Gold Senior Membership Merit plus 4 other Gold Merits, not including the Membership Merits. This gives all Aes Sedai a potential 2 bonds, with Red Aes Sedai gaining 1 and Greens going up to 3 available bonds. All Gaidin go up to 3. If you wish to bond, both members must email the Director of Membership to state your intention and why you wish to bond. The Director of Membership will respond as soon as possible. If the bond is approved, the Director of Membership will notify both parties, make an announcement in Site Announcements, and give both members access to the other’s Sitting or Great Room. If you wish to dissolve your bond, there are only 4 instances in which it will be approved. Abandonment by one of the bondmates, the ending of a real-life relationship, a real-life conflict, or demotion or retirement of one or both parties. Bond dissolutions only happen on January and July 1st. You may send your petition at any time, but this is when you will receive a decision. Only applications received a minimum of one month prior will be considered.

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