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TarValon.Net is the premier destination for fans of the epic fantasy series - The Wheel of Time. We are the real-life Tar Valon where fans from around the world come together and celebrate the world Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson created for us in a unique and fun way.


Anyone with an Account is able to post on our boards, or take part in our discord, but we also have a community people are able to join. There are different levels of membership so everyone can find their niche in the community. Members are initially Citizens and can then progress into Novices/Recruits, Accepted/Soldiers and Aes Sedai/Gaidin. None of these titles are gendered at TarValon.Net and anyone is eligible to become Aes Sedai or Gaidin, dependent on which Community Group they join. Those who join an Ajah become Aes Sedai on being raised Senior Member, those who join a Company become a Gaidin. Each level requires the person to show an understanding of the world of the Wheel of Time and the TarValon.Net community and for the final level, to have contributed to the community in some way.


We are focused on providing opportunities for our Community Membership to adopt the ideals behind the concept of Servants of All while participating in a community based upon the series The Wheel of Time. We are not an role playing site, although we do use fictional names while communicating via the site and there may also be some light role playing.

For further details, read the Mission Statement.

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