River Eldar

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The Eldar is a river that flows from its source in the Mountains of Mist through Ghealdan then along the border between Amadicia and Altara to Ebou Dar, where it flows into the Sea of Storms, through a large bay. There are lightouses on either side of the bay, the Westpoint Lighttower and the Eastpoint Lighttower (map). Tributaries include the Boern, which joins it at Boannda and the River Sharine.

There are numourous villages down its banks or close by, including Coramen, Alkindar, which are on opposite banks and are connected by a ferry, Mosra, So Eban, Samara, Sehar, Cormaed and Salidar. While he was still alive, there were rumours that Pedron Niall planned to seize some of them and squeeze the river trade to Ebou Dar (TFoH, Ch. 16).