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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


The nation of Eharon was located in what is now known as Altara and Illian. To the south it is bordered by the Sea of Storms, while to the east and west like, respectively, Essenia, with the Manetheren between and Aelgar, bordered by the Eldar. Eharon shares a northwestern border with Manetheren, and a northeastern border with Coremanda.

Cities, Towns and Villages

The capital city of Eharon was Londaren Cor; other than the fact that there was a Waygate there, we know nothing about this city. Other cities of importance included: Barashta, which was located in what is now known as Ebou Dar, and Dorelle Caromon, located where Illian now stands. Both of these cities contained Waygates as well (LoC, Ch. 20)

Formation, Government, and Nobility

Like the other nations in its time, Eharon was formed sometime after the Breaking of the World.

The ruler of Eharon who signed the Compact of Ten Nations was King Temanin.

The only other thing we know about the ruling of Eharon is that, at some time, there was a king named Maecine (TFoH, Ch. 22)

Before the Trolloc Wars

Around four or five hundred years before the beginning of the Trolloc Wars, there must have been some animosity between Eharon and Aelgar; King Maecine of Eharon led his army against Aelgar (TFoH, Ch. 22).

The Trolloc Wars

As everyone knows, Eharon stood against the Shadow during the Trolloc Wars.

Eharon was one of the least affected nations during the Wars. However, despite this, major cities such as Barashta were destroyed (ACoS, Ch. 30).

After the Trolloc Wars

Eharon was one of the nations that survived the Trolloc Wars, though it was very weak. Within a short amount of time, according to the maps, the nations of Shiota, which occupied most of the territory formerly occupied by Eharon, except for the border more closely following Manetheren. Later, Altara, grew out of the eventual ruins of Eharon.