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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Comar was an Andoran nobleman and a Darkfriend. He was tall, with wide shoulders and a deep chest. His eyes were dark blue and he had a close-cut black beard with a white streak over his chin (TDR, Ch. 47; Ch. 49).

He was a good swordsman in the Queen's Guards, but it is said he had to leave for cheating at dice (TDR, Ch. 47).

He met Rahvin in the Royal Palace to receive the order to kill Elayne, although he had lost her traces. If he was not able to bring the girl's head, Rahvin told him that he would have Comar's instead (TDR, Ch. 46).

He played at dice in The Golden Cup in Tear, where Mat found him. Comar lost a match to Mat, who told him to go back to Caemlyn. Surprised that Mat knew of his orders, Comar drew his sword but was killed by Mat (TDR, Ch. 49).


Comar studied Mat's coat and grinned nastily. "You want to wager coppers, farmer? I do not waste my time with--" He cut off as Mat set an Andoran gold crown on the table and yawned at him, making no effort to cover his mouth. "You say little, farmer, though your manners could use improving, but gold has a voice of its own and no need of manners." (Comar to Mat; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 49)