Berylla Naron

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Author: Leora Oldessroth


Berylla is an Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah. Her former Ajah is never directly mentioned in the books, but Robert Jordan confirms in his blog article on October 6, 2005 that she was Blue.

She is lean to the point of scrawniness (TFOH: 18). She is a fine manipulator and plotter (TFOH: 18).


  • Berylla and 12 other members of the Black Ajah, flee the Tower, taking several ter'angreal with them (TDR: 13).
  • Berylla is with Liandrin and the other remaining members of the group of 13 Black Ajah that fled the Tower in Amador when Moghedien finds them (TFOH: 18).
  • Moghedien orders Berylla to perform some unknown task; Berylla shows little expression when receiving the orders (TFOH: 18).


"Berylla Naron, lean almost to scrawniness and as fine a manipulator and plotter as there was...showed as little expression as Rianna had." ~Liandrin's observation of Berylla while Moghedien is giving her orders (TFOH: 18).