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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.

Avatars are the online faces of our members.

There are several rules governing the use of avatars on TarValon.Net:

  • Avatars must not be currently in use by an active Tower member.
  • Avatars must be chosen carefully as changes will not be allowed after the initial selection. An avatar change is only allowed when the artist of the original artwork denies the usage of the avatar; in which case contact the Director of Membership at membership@tarvalon.net and petition an avatar change.
  • Members must have the artist's permission to use an avatar if the image is not in public domain. It is solely the user's responsibility, and TarValon.Net does not take responsibility for any avatars used by its members. If it is brought to the attention of the administration that a user is using an image illegally, the user will be asked to comply with the wishes of the artist.
  • All avatars should be human.
  • No real life pictures unless it is your own.
  • Only GIF and JPG formats are allowed.
  • Avatars must be 200x200 pixels, no exceptions.
  • Animated avatars are not allowed.
  • The avatar shouldn't have broad frames.
  • No obscenity is tolerated.