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  1. A'rohn Baile

    VERY first impressions of WoT

    Yes. It's funny you mention the, as you put it, goofy moments. That reminded me of something I've always found quite odd with regards to Jordan's writing style. I find there are countless times throughout the series where characters will express shock or surprise or anger or what have you, and...
  2. A'rohn Baile

    Other Media Adaptation - TV or Film?

    I'd definitely rather see WoT portrayed as an animated TV series. The exact style of animation...I'm not too sure. Maybe anime, or something like Korra or The Last Airbender. I'm not sure. But I believe animation would have a much better chance of doing the series justice compared to live action.
  3. A'rohn Baile

    Lord of Chaos [(!! book 6 spoilers!!)]

    Lord of Chaos is certainly one of my favorites. The battle scene at the end, of course, being the main reason why I particularly enjoyed this book. When Perrin called for the help of the wolves and the wolves responded with, "We come." I certainly felt some chills.
  4. A'rohn Baile

    VERY first impressions of WoT

    The prologue of Eye of the World really caught my interest. I really loved how fast the reader was thrown into this world. On the second or third page we're already introduced to this mysterious black rider with a cloak untouched by the wind. I was hooked pretty fast
  5. A'rohn Baile

    Which is your favorite of the first 4 books?

    Probably the Eye of the World. As a reader you still don't have a very good grasp as to what exactly is going on, even by the end of the book, yet you're being thrown through this ridiculous adventure. It's just very mysterious and very exciting. That's the reason why I enjoy the first books or...
  6. A'rohn Baile


    Hey hows it going. Welcome :welcome
  7. A'rohn Baile

    Who is your favorite villain?

    In the first four books....hmmm. I think I'd have to say Be'lal. He certainly wasn't as prominent as some of the other villains, having only really appeared at the tail end of book 3, but I really liked his back story, his relationship with Lewis Therin and the exchange between Rand and Be'lal...
  8. A'rohn Baile

    Salutations fellow WoT lovers

    Hello everyone. My name is Brandon and I'm a huge Wheel of Time fan. I'm currently rereading the series after reading up to book 9. Unfortunately university took much of my time and I'm ashamed to say I forgot much of what was going on so I decided to reread the series. I just started book...
  9. A'rohn Baile

    Who is your favourite character?

    I'd have to say Mat is my favourite character. Followed closely by Lan and Juilin.
  10. A'rohn Baile

    Funniest Moments in Books 1-4

    I'd have to say when Mat placed a bet that he could beat both Galad and Gawyn in a duel. The doubt that all the characters expressed and their shock when Mat beat the both of them made me laugh pretty hard.