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TarValon.Net, Inc. is a social nonprofit that operates only from member donations. Donations are accepted at any time of year that one is able and wishes to do so, as well as at events or during our annual operational fundraiser drive. Donations can be sent to payable@tarvalon.net via PayPal, or using the button below.

If you wish to send a check/money order please email the Amyrlin (amyrlin@tarvalon.net) or Shatayan (shatayan@tarvalon.net) for the address. TarValon.Net, Inc. does not advise sending cash by mail.

All donations are valued, be they $5, $500, or anything between (or higher!). We do accept donations in the following currencies: US Dollars, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar. Our preferences are in US Dollars and Euro.

Please be sure to include your Tower name when sending a donation, as well as any notes as to the purpose of the donation (event ticket, fundraiser, general donation, etc.)

Thank you! Without your donations, we wouldn't be ad free or able to offer so many great services and prizes!

- Officers of TarValon.Net, Inc.