Abhorsen Veriari

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  • Padron,

    Thank you for the welcome. It's good to be on the site.
    I'll review the introductions/new member information. I'm still on my way to 25 posts. I'm hoping an planning to stick around, at least for the duration. I'll reach out if I need anything.

    Hi Abhorsen!
    Allow me to welcome you to the site as a member of the Welcoming Committee!:welcome
    First let me tell you that you should check the stickied threads in the introductions forum.
    Second: to become a citizen you need 25 posts, an avatar (And I can see you already have one:P) and to fill the citizen application form.
    And finally let me tell you that I really hope that you will stay around and that you should know that I am here for you; if you want to talk or need any help dont hesitate: Message me!;)
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