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Treekillers is one of the names, along with oathbreakers, that the Aiel typically use to refer to Cairhienin, referring to Laman's crime of cutting down Avendoraldera.


One people allowed us water freely when it was needed. It took us long to discover who they were. That is done with, now. The pledge of peace was destroyed; the treekillers spat in our faces. (Rhuarc, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 34).

"Treekillers are fit for nothing except to be killed or sold as animals in Shara" (Erim, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2).

"Many ask about our ways, and who would not teach one who would learn what is proper? Even a treekiller." (Rhuarc, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 16).

"I killed neither, and if I had, they were treekillers. How would I have toh." (Aviendha, about Olver's parents, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 38)