The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 43

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Illian

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Moiraine, Lan, Loial, Hopper


After Lan sees a Darkhound's print, Moiraine discovers that Sammael rules in Illian.


After Moiraine leaves, Lan wants to know how he recognized the Gray Men. That is even beyond the capabilities of a Warder. Perrin says he smelled them and that he recognized the smell from Jarra and Remen. The Warder replies they were hunting Rand then, now they are after him. Lan decides to check out the surroundings of the inn and asks Perrin to join him. Loial and Faile end up joining them. Lan is not sure what he is looking for but he will know it when he sees it.

Outside the four of them look around for a while. None of them really knows what to look for. The only thing Perrin notices is a faint smell of burnt sulphur. He notices Lan looking at something and goes to join him. The smell of burnt sulphur is stronger here. Lan is looking at prints of what seems to be a giant dog. Only dogs don't leave prints on stone.

Lan tells them the prints are from a Darkhound. It was probably looking for something and went back to report now that it has found it. Faile mutters something about Shadowspawn and Lan again tries to discourage her from following them. It doesn't work. Perrin wants to know why neither Lan nor Moiraine sensed the Darkhound. Lan doesn't know for sure but he does know that his Aes Sedai is in danger if she can't sense it. He decides to follow her and tells the others to get some sleep while they can as they probably won't stay the night in Illian.

Perrin takes the Warder's advice and goes to bed. He dreams a wolfdream again but a very confused one this time. He tries to find Hopper but first he only sees Mat playing dice with Ba'alzamon. He tries to warn Mat but the scene suddenly changes. Hopper is finally there. Perrin asks why he had to see the meeting between Lanfear and Ba'alzamon or Moonhunter and Heartfang as Hopper calls them. He also wants to know whether what he sees is real or not. Hopper doesn't give him a straight answer even when Perrin tells him he is being hunted by Gray Men and Darkhounds, the Notdead and Shadowbrothers to Hopper. The only thing he will tell him is that the Last Hunt is coming and Perrin has to flee the Darkhounds. With that message ringing in his ears Perrin wakes up.

Faile is watching him when he wakes up. She still hasn't puzzled out who he is but before the conversation really gets going Moiraine bursts into the room telling Perrin his dreams tell truly. The Forsaken are loose and one of them rules Illian.


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Visions and Prophecies

Perrin's Dreams
  • Darkhounds chasing him; he never saw them, but he could hear their howling.
  • Fades, and Gray Men. A tall, slender man flashed into them again and again, in richly embroidered coat and boots with gold fringe; most of the time he held what seemed to be a sword, shining like the sun, and laughed triumphantly.
  • Sometimes the man sat on a throne, and kings and queens groveled before him. These felt strange, as if they were not really his dreams at all.
  • Mat, rattling a dice cup. His opponent stared at Mat with eyes of fire. Mat did not seem to see the man, but Perrin knew him. "Mat!" he shouted. "It's Ba'alzamon! Light, Mat, you're dicing with Ba'alzamon!" Mat made his toss, and as the dice spun, the vision faded, and the dark place was dry mountains again.
  • Egwene and Nynaeve and Elayne stood looking at a huge metal cage, with a raised door held on a heavy spring. They stepped in and reached up together to loose the catch. The barred door snapped down behind them. A woman with her hair in braids laughed at them, and another woman all in white laughed at her.

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