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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rana is one of Min's aunts and is a seamstress in Baerlon, Andor (LoC, Prologue).

She is gentle and kind, but has very strong notions of proper behavior (ACoS, Ch. 35). She, Miren and Jan have raised Min to be fair; the young woman lives by it, although she sometimes thinks her life would have been easier if she had not had this education (ACoS, Ch. 35). They also admonished her not to behave like a fluff-brained girl and Min still thinks of her aunts when she hears that word (TPoD, Ch. 27). One piece of advise that Rana and Jan always gave Min was to never kiss a man if she did not intend to marry him, which is why Min does not want to know what her aunts might think of her relationship with Rand (ACoS, Ch. 19).

Alivia reminds Min of her aunt, although Rana does not have blue eyes and golden hair. It is more the air that both women have of always seeming to know when someone has done something wrong and always seeing to that person never wanting to do it again (WH, Ch. 33).


  • After Min's father died, she and Min's other aunts, Jan and Miren, tried to raise Min to be a "decent proper woman," which involved wearing dresses. They disapproved of her wearing breeches and working into the stables. Min, however, refused to be put into dresses as stubbornly as not learning to sew. The only time Min willingly wore a dress was during her time serving at tables at The Miners' Rest, but her aunts saw to getting her out of there quickly when they found out (ACoS, Ch. 2; Ch. 35).
  • Min started reading auras at the age of twelve; once, she saw a man and a woman in the streets and knew they were going to marry. However, the man was already married, but when he ran off with the other woman, his wife claimed that Min was responsible for is. If Rana had not convinced Min to say that she had overheard the man and woman talking and her other aunts had not promised to punish her for spreading tales, Min would have been hurt, or even killed. Her aunts knew the truth, but they wanted to make the other people believe that Min did not know what she was talking about since she was still a child (ACoS, Ch. 2).
  • Min knows what her aunts will think if they ever find out about Min being "comforted" by Rand, a man she is not married to. She is certain they would immediately set off from Baerlon to skin both of them alive (ACoS, Ch. 35).