Nestelle din Sakura South Star

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Nestelle din Sakura South Star was a Windfinder of the Sea Folk; she was captured by the Seanchan and held as damane in the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar (WH, Ch. 31).

Mat slips into her room at night before his escape from Ebou Dar and releases her from her collar. He asks her to wait for three hours before freeing the other Windfinders and shows her the trick of opening the a'dam (WH, Ch. 31).

Despite her promise, she freed her sisters before the three hours were over, causing the alarm to sound as Mat and his party reached the gates of Ebou Dar. Although her fate is not directly mentioned she may be dead like so many of the other Atha'an Miere (CoT, Ch. 1).


"'I want you to answer a question,' he whispered. Blood and ashes, what if he had mistaken the room? What if this was not a Windfinder at all, but one of the bloody Seanchan women? 'What would you do if I took that collar off your neck?' Lifting his hand, he held his breath.

'I would free my sisters, if it pleases the Light that should happen.' The Sea Folk accents in the darkness made him breathe again. 'The Light be willing, we would cross the harbor, somehow, to where our people are held, and free as many as we were able.' The unseen woman's voice remained low, but grew fiercer by the word. 'The Light be willing, we would take back our ships, and fight our way to sea. Now! If this is a trick, punish me for it and be done, or kill me for it. I was on the brink of yielding, of giving up myself, and the shame of that will burn me forever, but you have reminded me who I am, and now I will never yield. Do you hear me? Never!'"

(Mat and Nestelle; Winter's Heart, Chapter 31)