Master Inlow

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Master Inlow is a man from a village in Andor. He owns an inn named The Queen's Man.

Rand and Mat stop at his inn on their way to Caemlyn. His inn is so full of people on their way to see Logain that it's six to a room and two or three to a bed. When Rand and Mat offer to play and juggle for a room and a meal, he agrees and then hurries off to the kitchen. When Rand falls ill, Master Inlow lets Mat take Rand to the stable because Mat threatens to take Rand into the common room if Master Inlow kicks them out; not wanting his guests to know that there is someone sick in his inn, Master Inlow accommodates them. He also gives Mat some bread, cheese and sausage and Mat comments that Inlow will give them whatever they want, so long as they stay out of sight of his guests.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 33)