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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Jalwin Moerad was the name under which Ishamael was known as Artur Hawkwing's advisor. Although a partial manuscript says Moerad never aged even during forty years, no one even suspected that he was a Forsaken; historians nowadays agree that this source is not reliable.

Aside from the fact that he had a volatile temper, not much is known about Moerad - and nothing about his background - although he is mentioned in several sources, especially in letters. In some of those his temperament is described as "more than half insane". His time of office was frequently interrupted by long absences.

There is a theory that claims Jalwin Moerad was responsible for Hawkwing's open turn against the Aes Sedai. This claim is popular among those who are not satisfied with the speculations of either extreme - the most likely, such as Hawkwing's desire to rule the land on his own. and the bizarre, like a complicated White Tower plot.

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  • In late summer of FY 973 he became Hawkwing's counselor and rose to the position of one of his closest advisors inside a year. Moerad made him condemn the Aes Sedai from their offices and possibly suggested sending his armies to Seanchan and Shara. These things are only speculated among historians, but in 998 NE, Ishamael claimed that he did so, if only to Rand, who does not know anything about this.
  • Twenty-three years after Hawkwing's death, as one writer claims, Moerad was advising Marithelle Camaelaine, Norodim Nosokawa and Elfraed Guitama, all of which came very close to seizing the power over Hawkwing's empire. Because of this, it is believed that he was whether a very skilled advisor or else had a very keen eye for a winner.

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Artur Hawkwing did everything that Moerad suggested and even though he trusted his wife's counsel, he named Moerad one of his closest advisors. Even at his deathbed he sent Aes Sedai away who could Heal him, because Moerad told him to.

Tamika was very cold toward Moerad.

He was contemptuous of Aes Sedai, which he did not bother to hide in public; this one of the points speaking for the theory that Moerad was responsible for Hawkwing's sudden change of mind toward Aes Sedai.

When he made his first appearance, people were wondering where he came from, since nothing was known about him. Those who inquired too closely about his background are said to have died in fatal accidents.

(References: Robert Jordan's World of "The Wheel of Time"; The Eye of the World, Chapter 14)


"I whispered in Artur Hawkwing's ear, and the length and breadth of the land Aes Sedai died. I whispered again, and the High King sent his armies across the Aryth Ocean, across the World Sea, and sealed two dooms. The doom of his dream of one land and one people, and a doom yet to come. At his deathbed I was there when his councilors told him only Aes Sedai could save his life. I spoke, and he ordered his councilors to the stake. I spoke, and the High King's last words were to cry that Tar Valon must be destroyed." (Ba'alzamon; The Eye of the World, Chapter 14)