Edelle Gaelin

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Edelle Gaelin is a woman from the Two Rivers and the Wisdom of Watch Hill (TSR, Ch. 56; LoC, Prologue). She cannot listen to the wind (LoC, Prologue).

She is gray-braided and slender, and is the oldest of the Two Rivers Wisdoms. She makes it plain with her straight back and stiff face that she thinks she should have Daise's place as the "leader" of the Wisdoms by virtue of her age and long time in office (LoC, Prologue).

Faile thinks to herself that the one advantage she has over the Wisdoms is that they know the effect Perrin has on them: they are always self-conscious around him and try to make themselves firm, but their resolutions always fly out the window at the sight of him. The Wisdoms don't seem to be sure whether to prefer to deal with Perrin or Faile (LoC, Prologue).


  • After Faile brings the men of Watch Hill to the rescue of Emond's Field, she tells Perrin that the Women's Circle of Watch Hill will be sending a delegation to Perrin, and that Edelle will be bringing him some of her dried-apple tarts (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • Daise, Edelle, Elwinn, and Milla pay a visit to Faile to speak of a couple of things. The first thing they tell Faile is that three boys have run off to see the world. Faile offers to ask Perrin to speak to them about it, and at the mention of Perrin's name, all four Wisdoms become self-conscious; Edelle automatically smooths her skirts. When they realize how they are reacting, they freeze and do not look at each other or at Faile. Edelle replies that it won't be necessary. They then proceed to talk about the weather, and Faile tries to be optimistic to them. Before they leave, Edelle tells Faile that she does very well as the lady of the manor (LoC, Prologue).