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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Bertome is actually not sure whether the man is named Doile or Dalyn; I have chosen to refer to him by the name "Doile", since it is the first name that comes to Bertome's mind when he sees the man.

Doile is a Cairhienin soldier. He is one of Bertome Saighan's armsmen, from Bertome's Colchaine estates. He is gap-toothed and has seamed scars on both cheeks.

While Bertome, Weiramon, Gedwyn, and others are fighting against the Seanchan on Rand's behalf, Doile informs Bertome that there are two thousand Taraboners hard on his heels, and that there are women with them who have lightning on their dresses.

(Reference: The Path of Daggers, Chapter 24)