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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Culen is a man from Murandy. Since his traveling companion, Lord Paers, is from the city of Mindea, it is likely that Culen is as well. He is a lord and a Hunter for the Horn.

He is lean and tall, with the curled mustaches that most Murandian men wear. The only time we see him in the books, he is wearing a red coat and carrying a sword with an ornate, gilded pommel and quillons. Padry, Culen and Paers' serving man, claims that Culen and Paers are heroes.

Mat comes across Culen, Paers, and Padry in Maerone, a town in Cairhien. Culen is watching in amusement as Paers shakes Olver for daring to sit on his horse. Mat sees this and disables Paers; Culen gets ready to attack Mat, but only manages to bare an inch of his blade before Mat cracks his wrist with his spear-butt. When Culen lets go of the sword and reaches for a long-bladed dagger, Mat clips him over the ear and Culen goes down. Mat tells Padry to get Culen and Paers out of Maerone by sunset. Padry argues that they are injured, but Mat insists.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 5)