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How do you define an absent member ? Someone who didn't post on the new boards ? Someone who made less than X posts on the new boards ?
I corrected Sienna and Bridonna to regular white aes sedai as they posted recently (Bri posts sporadically, and Sienna is now back)
Dunno where Shyana should appear: she came back during the Seanchan invasion but has been missing since.
What should be done with Antarai's page ? She has been renamed Lucia, shall we then copy Antarai's interview to Lucia's page ? And I'm afraid she could qualify for the Absent category :(
Amara, Kyria, Lyssandra, Saera and Tyeslan are also rather absentish (30 posts or less

Anyone who has posted in the past year, been in chat, or been to an official event counts as non absent.

I can't tell how recently people posted at the old boards, so I went through the user group for each ajah/company and anyone who hadn't posted at least once at the new boards (or those I didn't see, as i must have missed sienna and Bridonna), I labelled as absent.

Ask Antaria about the renaming - it may be she doesn't want that personal information assocaited with her any more, but if she is ok, then just copying and setting up antaria as a redirect

Lyssandra was at 10th Anni

Ideally, when we do the member clean up, I can get the information about who is active, and we can get a very acurate list--Toral, Department Director and subsupreme overlord 23:05, 31 October 2010 (UTC)

OK, thanks. I have made corrections based on their activity on the new boards (except for Lyssandra), that's easier to check. It means that Shyana and Kyria are back to the regular Aes Sedai (even though Kyria has only 2 posts !) I will also PM Lucia / Antarai and ask her about her page. ~Isarma~