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Ba'alzamon (ba-AHL-zah-mon):
In the Trolloc tongue, "Heart of the Dark," Believed to be the Trolloc name for the Dark One. See also Dark One, Trollocs, Ishamael.

Also known as "The Termool" (The Waterless Sands). It is the region of land bordered by the Drowned Lands to the west and the Great Rift to the east. It is bordered by the Aiel Waste to the North and the Sea of Storms to the South. this sand desert of drifting dunes that can be two or three hundred feet high contains no oases, no springs, and no known life. Fearsome windstorms arise suddenly and blow unabated for several days. Their passing leaves vast areas of the harsh landscape completely changed. Even the Aiel do not travel here.

Baerlon (BAYR-lon):
A city in Andor on the road from Caemlyn to the mines in the Mountains of Mist.

Baerlon Ironworks:
Baerlon is known for its ironworks, famous for the quality of its castings. The ore is transported from the Mountains of Mist.

Celebrated the ninth day of Amadaine (Arad Doman, Tarabon, Amadicia, Tear).

Bair (BAYR):
A Wise One of the Haido sept of the Shaarad Aiel. She is a dreamwalker and can not channel. See also Dreamwalker.

One of the nations that rose out of the rubble of the Trolloc Wars. Located in current day Tarabon and on the Shadow Coast. One of the first nations taken by Guaire Amalasan (the false Dragon).

A One Power construct with vast destructive power. The liquid white-hot fire was invincible, burning anything it touched into nonexistence. During the War of Power, the weapon was used liberally for a year by both sides -- until they discovered its hidden cost. The searing energy of balefire did more than kill or destroy -- it actually burned threads from the Pattern. Anything destroyed this way actually ceased to exist before the moment of destruction, leaving only a memory of deeds no longer done and souls forever erased from the Pattern. Not only that, whatever had been done because of those vanished actions also no longer existed. The greater the power of the balefire, the further back in time its victim ceased to exist. During the year of unrestricted use, entire cities were burned from the Pattern, and the world and its universe were threatened by the broken and loosed threads. Reality itself was in danger of unraveling. Faced with the possible dissolution of existence, both sides, without formal agreement or truce, simply stopped using balefire.

An instrument from the Age of Legends. Asmodean was adept at playing this instrument.

Balladare Arandaille:
Amyrlin Seat from 115-142 NE. She was originally raised from the Brown Ajah.

The first Aes Sedai advisor to Andor.

Balthamel (Eval Ramman):
Was a historian specializing in the study of vanished cultures. Though quite strong in the Power, he was unable to distinguish himself enough to earn the coveted third name. Some sources suggest that the quality of his work was not the only reason he lacked status, it was said that he had a wildfire temper that he often could not control. More than once he supposedly came very close to being bound with the Power against doing violence. He was a good-looking man who enjoyed the company of women and was very popular with them, but despite his position at an institute of higher learning in M'Jinn, he spent a great deal of time in establishments that today would be called taverns of the lowest sort. Eval was drawn to the Shadow by the promise of immortality. Although as Balthamel he stood high in the councils of the Shadow during the war, his exact role is impossible to ascertain. He may have headed an intelligence network which competed with that run by Moghedien. After the sealing of the Bore, he was trapped even closer to the surface of the seal than Aginor, and was freed at the same time. The first of the thirteen to die, he was killed by the last of the Nym, the Green Man, at the Eye of the World.

Balwen Mayel (Balwen Ironhand):
The King of Aridhol, in great despair over the course of the Trolloc Wars, gladly welcomed a man called Mordeth to his court; Mordeth won Blawen's ear and mind. Aridhol would use the tactics of the Shadow against the Shadow. He was the last known king of Aridhol.

Balwer, Sebban:
Formerly Pedron Niall's secretary, in public, and secretly Niall's spymaster. He aided Morgase's escape from the Seanchan in Amador for his own reasons, and now is employed as secretary to Perrin t'Bashere Aybara and Faile ni Bashere t'Aybara.

Bandar Eban:
The capital city of Arad Doman, their trade center. The Domani merchants carry on major trade with the Sea Folk, and then disperse the goods to inland consumers. They also trade heavily with Tarabon. The city is located on the site of Allorallen in Jaramide. It is the location of the Terhana Library.

Band of the Red Hand:
(1) A legendary band of heroes (Shen an Calhar) from the Trolloc Wars who died at the Battle of Aemon's Field, when Manetheren fell.
(2) A military formation which gathered to follow Mat Cauthon, and which is currently shadowing the rebel Aes Sedai and their army with orders to carry Egwene al'Vere to Rand al'Thor and safety, should she express a wish to flee from her current situation, and also any other sisters who might wish to join her.

During the Trolloc Wars, the commander of a military unit called the Banner.

(1) A rank in the Children of the Light. A rank just below Hundredman.
(2) A man (usually military) who carries a banner.

(1) Military units that were used during the Trolloc Wars. A Banner usually comprised of about one thousand five hundred cavalry, primarily archers, or three thousand infantry. It was considered the basic military unit during that time. These "banners" combined into armies under the command of a general, often a noble, and were usually accompanied by a small complement of Aes Sedai.
(2) A signatory plain displayed visibly. Usually used to represent officers, nobles, or nations.

A city located in Eharon. It became Ebou Dar.

Barid Bel Medar:
See Demandred.

Barran, Doral (BAHR-rahn, DOOR-ahl):
The Wisdom in Emond's Field prior to Nynaeve al'Meara.

A city located in Jaramide.

Barthanes, Lord:
A Darkfriend who sat in the High Seat of House Damodred before the grain fires swept Cairhien into civil war.

Basene, Lady:
See Graendal.

One of the nations that rose up after the Trolloc Wars. Located in the country formerly known as Jaramide. Counsidered a powerful nation before the rise of Artur Hawkwing.

Bashere, Zarine (bah-SHEER, zah-REEN):
A young woman from Saldaea who is a Hunter of the Horn. She wishes to be called Faile (fa-EEL), which, in the Old Tongue, means "falcon."

Battle Ajah:
See Green Ajah.

Battle of Bekkar:
A battle during the Trolloc Wars known as the Field of Blood. It was a major battle that occurred shortly before Manetheren fell.

Battle of Jolvaine Pass (Battle of Endersole):
A series of decisive engangements during the War of the Second Dragon. An outnumbered Artur Hawkwing outsmarted and captured Guaire Amalasan (the false Dragon).

Battle of Maighande:
The battle that signified the beginning of the end of the Trolloc Wars. The Trollocs were soundly defeated. The victory turned the Trollocs and and began the long push that finally drove them back into the Blight, ending the Trolloc Wars.

Battle of Soremaine:
A battle during the Whitecloak War (The Troubles). An army led by Pedron Niall captured Mattin Stepaneos. Only the bravery of the Illianer Companions enabled the bulk of the Illianer army to escape the trap.

Battle of Shining Walls (Battle of Tar Valon; Battle of the Nations; Battle of the Red Snows; Battle of the Blood Snow):
A battle that began on the morning of the day before Danshu in the Year of Grace 978 of the New Era, when the Aiel were brought to battle by a loose coalition generally called "the Grand Coalition," or "the Grand Alliance." The Alliance had raised an immense force, approximately one hundred and sevety thousand mean, an army of a size not seen since Artur Hawkwing's day. The Aiel army consisted of four clans: approximately seventy to eighty thousand spears. It took the Aiel three days of heavy fighting in snow to kill Laman of Cairhien. During that night the Aiel managed to concentrate their forces on the East side of the Erinin. The Aiel headed east as the Alliance continued to engage the Aiel's rear guard for another twenty days.

Bay of Remara:
The Bay between Godan and Mayene.

An Aes Sedai some sources say was Lanfear's assistant in the Collam Daan. He was a member of a team that beleived they had found a source of power that would bypasss the limitation of saidin and saidar. Their experiments destroyed the Collam Daan and created the Bore.

Bekkar, Battle of:
See Battle of Bekkar.

Be'lal (beh-LAAL):
One of the Forsaken, also known as Duram Laddel Cham, the Envious, the Netweaver, and High Lord Samon. A master of manipulation. As Duram Laddel Cham, he was the Age of Legends' equivalent of an advocate, representing people in courts of law. That he was good at what he did is proven by the honorific third name. Some Sources suggest that he, like Sammael, had been one of the leaders in the fight against the Shadow before he turned to the Dark, and that he envied and later hated Lews Therin. A tall, athletic man with close-cropped silver hair, he combined and surpassed the strengths of both Rahvin and Sammael, being both a patient and cunning planner and a capable fighter willing to do battle directly with the foe. He was among those who raised the Hall of Servants just days before the strike that sealed him, and the other Forsaken, in the Bore. After his escape he carefully made his way into the nobility of Tear, and as High Lord Samon ruled Tear until he was killed by Moiraine Sedai with balefire in the Stone of Tear.

Bel Arvina:
The first day of autumm; a floating feast, date determined locally.

Bel Tine (BEHL TINE):
Spring festival celebrating the end of winter, the first sprouting of crops, and the birth of the first lambs. Date determined locally.

Berelain sur Paendrag (BEH-reh-lain suhr Pay-ehn-DRAG):
First of Mayene, Blessed of the Light, Defender of the Waves, High Seat of House Paeron (pay-eh-ROHN). A beautiful and willful young woman, and a skillful ruler. She will have what she wants, whatever it takes, and she always keeps her word. See Mayene.

Beryl Marle:
Amyrlin Seat from 520-533 NE. She was raised from the White Ajah.

Heir to the Throne of Winds. He accompanied Mat Cauthon at times in Ebou Dar. He is an excellent swordsman, with daring charisma.

Betrayer of Hope:
See Ishamael.

A tribe of Trollocs.

billmen: A basic infrantry unit. They carry bills -- a halberd. Mat Cauthon prefers to mix them with crossbowmen and pikemen.

Biranca Hasad:
One of the first Aes Sedai to sit for her Ajah in the negotiations to decide the construction of Tar Valon.

Birgitte (ber-GEET-teh):
Hero of legend and story, renowned for her beauty almost as much as for her bravery and skill at archery. Carried a silver bow and silver arrows with which she never missed. One of the heroes called back when the Horn of Valere is sounded. Always linked with the hero-swordsman, Gaidal Cain. She was ripped out of Tel'aran'rhiod into the world of the flesh during a struggle with Moghedien and was only saved from death when Elayne bonded her. Warder to Elayne Trakand, believed to be possibly the first female Warder ever, a fact that causes a number of difficulties, few of them expected. Except for her beauty and skill with a bow, she is little like the stories of her. See also Cain, Gaidal, Horn of Valere.

biteme (BITE-me):
A small, almost invisible biting insect.

bittern (BIHT-tehrn):
A musical instrument that may have six, nine, or twelve strings, and is held flat on the knees and played by plucking or strumming.

Black Ajah:
Rumors of its existence sprouted during the Trolloc Wars. The Trolloc armies were commanded by Dreadlords -- Shadowsworn who could channel -- who were most often women, many of them believed to be renegade Aes Sedai. The eighth Ajah, though it has not recognized by the White Tower, and historically has never been mentioned to anyone outside the Aes Sedai, as most Aes Sedai refuse to believe it exists. The Black Ajah sisters are said to have forsworn all their oaths and serve only the Shadow. They are rumored to walk the halls of the Tower disguised as members of the other seven Ajahs. See Ajah.

Black Eyes:
(1) In the Old Tongue, Seia Doon.
(2) An Aiel warrior society.

Black Fever:
A fever that killed one in ten people just before Artur Hawkwing ascended the throne (FY 939). The fever is responsible for killing Artur Hawkwing's mother and father.

Black Hawk:
The sigil of Shienar.

Black Tower:
The Black Tower is located on a farm in the vicinity of Caemlyn. It is here thatRand al'Thor is gathering men with the ability to channel saidin, to train them to use their powers. He has charged Mazrim Taim with their training. These are men being trained in a manner that somewhat resembles the training at the White Tower. They begin as "soldiers", because each is there as a soldier to fight the Shadow, as well as any who oppose justice or oppress the weak. At a certain skill level they are raised to become "Dedicated," and are given a collar pin in the shape of a small silver sword. Those who progress far enough in their training are raised "Asha'man" and are giving a dragon pin.

Black Wind:
Since the darkness descended upon the Ways, something has hunted within their depths. A cold wind that howls with voices of death and decay blows through the Ways where no wind should stir. Called Machin Shin, the Black Wind, by the Ogier, it haunts the Ways and feeds upon unwary travelers. Even the Ogier do not know what it is.

Black Years:
Several sources use terms such as "the Black Years" and "the Years of Silent Rage" for the period from FY 961 to 965, The final years of the Consolidation and also the near disastrous invasion of the Aiel Waste in FY 964. It began with the deaths by poison in FY 961 of Amaline and their three remaining children which came close to undoing him. Artur Hawkwing is said to have sealed himself away from all human emotion, "and of these, love and pity he buried most deep." Even writers plainly favoring Hawkwing agree that his search for the murderers was harsh and unrelenting; speaking of more than one hundred executions. His initial treatment of Aldeshar, the last nation to fall to him, was certainly cruel; no prisoners taken in a number of battles, the displacement of nearly the whole population to other parts of the empire, the confiscation of all estates of the whole nobility, and the entire merchant class reduced to absolute penury. Salvation for the empire, and very likely for Hawkwing personally, came in the person of a woman named Tamika. At her behest he relented in his treatment of Aldeshar, allowing the people to return, restoring confiscated estates and titles. Because of her, the harshness that had begun to spread from Aldeshar into the rest of the conquered lands vanished like ice at the spring thaw.

Blasted Lands:
Desolated lands surrounding Shayol Ghul and north of the Great Blight. Devoid of life, this desolation is even shunned by the foul creatures of the Blight. Historians believe that the area bore the brunt of the War of Power, which rendered it completely barren. Its proximity to Shayol Ghul and the corrupting influence of the Shadow no doubt keep it so.

Bleakness, the: An Aiel term that refers to the effects on many upon learning that rather than having always been a fierce warriors society, their ancestors were strict pacifists forced into defending themselves during the Breaking of the World and the years following. Many feel that this was their failure of the Aes Sedai. Some throw down their spears and run away. Others refuse to put off gai'shain white when their time is up. Still others deny the truth of this and with it deny that Rand al'Thor is truly the Car'a'carn and they either return to the Aiel Waste or go to join the Shaido opposing him. See also Aiel, Aiel Waste, Car'a'carn, gai'shain.

Blessings of the Nets:
A regional holiday celebrated in fishing communities.

Blight, the:
See Great Blight, the; Lesser Blight, the.

Blight Border:
The border between the nations to the north and the Great Blight. Since the Breaking of the World, this border has slowly moved southward. During the Compact of the Ten Nations (also known as the Second Compact), the then-Borderlands (not so called at the time) Jaramide and Aramaelle had northern borders actually reaching into the Mountains of Dhoom. Now the Blight border extends many miles south of the Mountians of Dhoom. See also Borderlands.

Blood Snow:
See Battle of Shining Walls.

Blood, the:
Term used by the Seanchan to designate the nobility. One can be raised to the Blood as well as born to it.

Blue Ajah:
The Blue Ajah is run by a single very powerful woman and is perhaps the most influential of the Ajahs, although it is one of the smaller Ajahs. The primary focus of the Blue Ajah is to champion worthy causes (thought worthy by Aes Sedai standards) and to promote justice. Skilled at political maneuvering, Blues are also able administrators. Since Artur Hawkwing's time, more Amyrlins have been raised from the Blue than from any other Ajah. See Ajah.

bonding, of Aes Sedai and Warder:
Once a woman has become a full Aes Sedai, she may bond a Warder. While most Ajahs hold that an Aes Sedai may have one Warder bonded to her at a time, there is no law conerning their number, Red sisters bond no Warders at all, while Greens bond as many as they wish. The bonding is done with the One Power, and permanently links the Warder and the Aes Sedai. Ethically the Warder -- also called Gaidin, Brother to Battle -- must accede to the bonding voluntarily, but it has been known to be done against the Warder's will. The bond gives the Warder the gift of quick healing, the ability to go without food, water, or rest for long periods of time, and the ability to sense the taint of the Dark One at a distance. He can also sense certain things about his charge, including her death. The bond allows the Aes Sedai to know if her Warder is alive, no matter how far away he might be, though it does not tell her the actual distance. When he dies she will know, through the bond, the moment and manner of his death. When a Warder dies, the surviving Aes Sedai often will bond another eventually, although rarely before the emotional upheaval caused by the death fades. If the Warder lives but his Aes Sedai is killed, the Warder loses the will to live. Worse, he seems to seek death. Attempts to keep these Warders alive usually fail. There are indications that the Aes Sedai receive other benefits from the bond with their Gaidin, but their exact nature is a closely held secret.

Bonwhin Meraighdin:
She was the Amyrlin till FY 939(?). That was the year she was stripped of staff and stole for trying to manipulate Artur Hawkwing to control the world. She was the last of the Red Ajah to be raised until Elaida a'Roihan deposed Siuan Sanche. She was an imperious woman even for an Amyrlin.

Borderlands, the:
The nations bordering the Great Blight: Saldaea, Arafel, Kandor, and Shienar. Their history is one of unending raids and war against Trollocs and Myrddraal. The nations are organized for war as a whole, and therefore have no separate military formations (unlike the southern countries). The Borderlanders have erected signal towers all along the Blightborder at half-mile intervals. These tall stone towers afford good visibility and are designed for ease of defense; they are equipped with a large mirror for sending signals by day and a large iron brazier for signal fires to the darkness. Despite their mutual cause, or perhaps because of it, the border nations take great pride in their differences. The battle is the same, the code of honor similar, but their customs and dress are often quite diverse. See also Aramaelle, Basharande, Elsalam, Great Blight, Jaramide, Malkier, Rhamdashar.

Borderlands, the holidays of:
See Asadine Bel Arvina, Beltine, Chansein, Dahan, Danshu, the Feast of Fools, the Feast of Lights, Feast of Neman, High Chasaline, Lamma Sor, Low Chasaline, Mabriam's Day, Shaoman, Sunday, Tandar, Tirish Adar, Winternight.

Borderlands, stedding of the:
The Borderlands hold seven stedding, the second largest regional concentration: Stedding Chosium, Jongai, Saishen in Saldaea, Stedding Chiantal in Kandor, Stedding Shanjing, Tanhal in Arafel, and Stedding Sholoon in Shienar.

The hole in the pattern that a team led by Mierin Eronail (Lanfear) and Beidomon created during an experiment at the Collam Daan. It allowed the Dark One touch to subtly alter everything that came within its influence. All the baser motiviations and emotional problems of mankind were enhanced, enlarged, and manipulated envy, greed, and anger despite lack of any true motivating factors. All thoses dissatisfied with their lot in life felt that dissatisfaction intensify. Thievery, assault, murder, and even wars began to appear with increasing frequency.

Bore, backlash from the drilling:
The resulting backlash destroyed most of Collam Daan and the floating Sharom, shattering it like the egg it so resembled, and creating ripples in the fabric of reality as shock waves from the breach shook the Pattern. The Bore was not large enough to allow the Dark One's escape, but it was large enough to allow him to touch the world. His touch subtly altered everything that came within its influence.

Bore, escape from:
Some claim that Ishamael escaped from the Bore as early as 40 AB (see also Ba'alzamon). He and others claim that he had influence on a number of events since the sealing of the Bore. The rest of the Forsaken began showing themselves as early as 998 NE. All of them have made an appearance in the books by 999 NE

Bore, the sealing of:
A plan, proposed by Lews Therin, centered around a direct attack on the Bore itself, to reseal the Bore and cut the Dark One's access to the world. Seven indestructible cuendillar disks, made with the One Power and marked with the seal of the Aes Sedai, were prepared to function as "focus points." Latra Posae Decume reached an agreement with every female Aes Sedai of significant strength called "the Fateful Concord." This agreement said that Lews Therin's plan was too rash and no women would take part in it. The Hundred Companions and a force of some ten thousand warmen launched the planned attack on the Bore. The Dragon and his companions arrived at Shayol Ghul to discover an unexpected bonus: a gathering of the thirteen most powerful leaders of the Forsaken Aes Sedai was taking place at the Pit of Doom, deep within the mountain, at the same moment, perhaps summoned by the Dark One for a conference. The Companions struck quickly and mercilessly, sealing the Bore safely, wothout ripping open the Dark One's prison as many opponents had feared. Forty-five of the Companions were killed in the battle, and apparently the warmen took a much higher percentage of casualties. The strike trapped all the attending Forsaken within the sealing, thus removing with one stroke the Shadow's touch and his leadership in this world. With the seals safely placed, the cuendillar disks were carefully hidden.

Bore, backlash from the sealing:
Lews Therin and the sixty eight survivors of the Hundred went insane on the instant, perhaps not even knowing that their attempt to seal the Bore had been successful. Within days, these powerful male Aes Sedai, armed with the One Power were completely out of control and began unleashing their might against anyone or anything that crossed their path, leaving trails of death and wanton destruction. The taint had trapped the minds of all the surviving Companions in twisted dreams of madness, while saidin gave them the power to make those dreams instant reality. There is no way to know of individual acts of destruction by most of the Companions, save that they were of a scale previously unknown. See also Breaking of the World, saidin, taint on.

Bornhald, Dain (BOHRN-hahld, DAY-ihn):
An officer of the Children of the Light, son of Lord Captain Bornhald, Geofram, who died at Falme, on Toman Head.

Bornhald, Geofram (BOHRN-hahld, JEHF-rahm):
A Lord Captain of the Children of the Light.

A major city in Coremanda. Near the site of New Braem.

Breaking of the World, the:
When Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions resealed the Dark One's prison, the counterstroke tainted saidin. Eventually every male Aes Sedai went horribly insane. In their madness these men, who could wield the One Power to a degree now unknown, changed the face of the earth. They caused great earthquakes, leveled moutain ranges, raised new mountains, lifted dry land where seas had been, made the ocean rush in where dry land had been. Many parts of the world were completely depopulated, and the survivors were scattered like dust on the wind. This destruction is remembered in stories, legends and history as the Breaking of the World. See also Hundred Companions, the.

Breane Taborwin (bree-AN tah-BOR-wihn):
Formerly a high-ranking lady of Cairhien, now a penniless refugee who has found happiness with the sort of man she once had servants flog out of her sight.

Brend, Lord:
See Sammael.

Brothers of the Eagle:
In the Old Tongue, Far Aldazar Din. An Aiel warrior society.

Brother to Trees:
In the Old Tongue, tia avende alantin. The Ogier were so name for their love of working with living and growing things.

Brown Ajah:
They are dedicated to seeking and preserving knowledge. They are run by a ruling council. The Browns are primarily responsible for the procurement and preservation of the vast cache of books and scrolls which help make the Tower library the largest single repository of knowledge in the Land. Much that is known of artifacts or new Talents has been discovered by sisters of the Brown Ajah.

Bryne, Gareth (BRIHN, GAH-rehth):
For a time, Captain-General of the Queen's Guard in Andor, but he was exiled by Queen Morgase Trakand. Considered one of the greatest generals living, he commands an army for those Aes Sedai in rebellion against the authority of Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan. His relationship with Siuan Sanche troubles him nearly as much as it does her. The sigil of House Bryne is a wild bull, the rose crown of Andor around its neck. His sign is three golden stars, each of five rays.

burning out:
If the ability to channel is lost by accident, the proccess is called being "burned out." The results of being burned out are much the same as being severed (stilled or gentled) with one difference. The man or women who is burned out can neither channel nor sense the One Power.

Byar, Jaret (By-ahr, JAH-ret):
An officer of the Children of the Light.