Anniversary Party 2011 Trivia

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The Trivia competition at 10th Anni was again hosted by Aldus and Xylina. There were six teams, with Toral's team losing out on the last question due to a technicality. You can see a video of the event

Round One

  1. What do the wolves call Rand al'Thor? A: Shadowkiller
  2. In Baerlon, Moiraine is known as Lady Alys. What is Lan known as? A: Andra
  3. The Caemlyn Road out of Baerlon curves slightly south as it heads east to Whitebridge. What geological feature is it curving around? A: The Hills of Absher

Round Two

  1. What is the name of Suroth's pet lopar? A: Almandaragal
  2. Tested for the shawl just after Moiraine and Siuan were, which Accepted failed to emerge from the testing ter'angreal? A: Ellid
  3. What drug was Adeleas given before her throat was slit? A: Crimsonthorn

Round Three

  1. What scent was Lelaine wearing when being visited by Gawyn in the rebel Aes Sedai camp? A: Apple Blossoms
  2. Which Aes Sedai was Elaida dining with the first time Egwene was called to serve her in the Amyrlin's Quarters? A: Meidani
  3. The town of Hinderstap is in a region once called the Shattered Hills. What nation is that located in? A: Murandy

Round Four

  1. We see two Amyrlin Seats become damane. What are their actual names, and damane names? A: Egwene al'Vere – Tuli. Elaida a'Roihan – Suffa.
  2. Who created the ter'angreal known as a'dam for Luthair Paendrag Mondwin? A: Deain Sedai
  3. Name the Seanchan Prophecies that correspond, with differences, to the Karaethon Cycle? A: The Essanik Cycle

The Final Question

  1. Tam and Rand al'Thor lived on a pretty remote farm out in the Westwood. What was the name of their nearest neighbor? A: Oren Dautry