2011 North American Anniversary Party

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By: Locus Sarania

This year's location is Charleston, South Carolina. The North American Anniversary is one the Tower's largest official events. Those in attendance include members from around the world including family and friends. It's a celebration of TarValon.Net and helps set the pace for what is to come. Anni was created to give members an opportunity to meet online friends for the first time. As it has grown, so have traditions such as the toasting rounds, special recognition awards, fundraisers, and competitions for prizes. There is no official date as to when the Tower was created. Its inception was a culmination of events made possible by the Amyrlin Seat, Eleyan Sedai, and other members. (For a quick look into our Amyrlin’s journey, click here.) What we do know is that Anni has reached its 10th year and with that there is a lot more to celebrate.

What makes this year's Anni so special? We can start by pointing out that this year's location was the home of the creator himself, Robert Jordan, who penned the Wheel of Time series. Without Jordan's work we would not be here. If that was not enough, Harriet Rigney, wife of Robert Jordan, has provided us with the opportunity to actually visit her home for a private tour where the Wheel of Time series was conceived. Harriet will be a part of our event and will also participate in a panel regarding the series. Joining her in the panel will be Brandon Sanderson, who has also agreed to be a part of our event. Brandon will be there to party, speak, host a book signing, and maybe even play a game or two of Magic the Gathering. The rest of Team Jordan will also be there, continuity editors of the Wheel of Time Series Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk. Gracing us with his presence will be Michael Livingston who will give a lecture entitled "Robert Jordan's Redefinition of Tolkien's Fantasy." Michael Livingston is professor at the Citadel Military College of South Carolina, Robert Jordan's alma mater. Aside from the special guests, there will be plenty of Wheel of Time themed games and even a History of the TarValon.Net presentation. Included for the second time in TarValon.Net history will be the installation of the new Keeper of the Chronicles.

Our very own administrative team and lots of dedicated members have been working hard and planning this year's Anni for a considerable amount of time. The event is forecasted to have over 150 in attendance. With all that is being offered there is only one word to describe this event...EPIC.