10th Anniversary – The Video Perspective

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By: Samarasin Tavaral

The party started with Aldus posting in the Fair Ground forum that he was going to be able to live stream some of the events. Many of us started at the 10th Anni logo waiting for some glimpse of what was happening. Some of us were also utilizing TarValon.net's live chat to keep in touch with each other and discuss the video feed. Once the feed was up and running, several of us discovered that the site Aldus was using to stream the video had a chat of its own. No more switching between windows! That first night, approximately eleven of the non-attendees watched and chatted as random attendees walked by the camera. Sometimes we would get a wave or shout out. Mostly, people forgot the camera was rolling. It was similar to being a fly on the wall.

Those of us watching the stream saw the toasts given, and some of the raisings completed. We cheered when we recognized our friends, our family, on the screen. Collective screams of "Oh no!" lit up the chat window when we received the "black window of doom." For two nights, those of us unable to attend felt as if we were a part of the festivities. We shed a tear as Dralyn Sedai stepped down as Keeper of the Chronicles, and cheered as Leora Sedai was raised into this position. We watched our family have fun, and, although we were not physically there, we participated in our own little way.